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This is a book about adoption and the love of a birthmother to her child.
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HERE AND THERE, LOVING YOU ALWAYS is a book about adoption written from the birthmother’s perspective to her child. Every child deserves to know that they are loved no matter their family dynamic and that the words ‘given up’ should never be used. Instead, an adopted child should know and understand for them self that they are loved by their birth parents, as well as the adoptive parents, even if from afar.

Each set of adoptive parents were chosen to raise a child, or even a group of children or siblings, for a multitude of reasons. Though not every birth parent may be actively involved in the child’s life, the child should always feel love regardless of capacity.

This book targets the 7-10 year old age group, as they can read it on their own. Just about every person around us has already been or will be touched by the gift of adoption in the future. Any person of any age can be moved by the brilliant colors of the illustrations and emotions conveyed in the rhythmic text.

May each individual picking up and reading this book, whether child or adult, know that there is always someone who is HERE AND THERE, LOVING YOU ALWAYS!

Perhaps you might consider purchasing this book for each of the families for which you serve. If you work at a child advocacy or adoption agency, this book would be perfect as families venture on through the adoption process as a means of building their family.

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Beverly Reynolds is the mother of a vibrant eight year old boy. Since the day he was born via adoption, she has made it her mission to take her son on several vacations with family and friends. This has included the Caribbean, Smoky Mountains, hiking in national parks, camping in local private and state parks and even the picturesque views of Yellowstone National Park. She works hard to provide him with several life-changing experiences through scouts, sports and even by working through homework assignments. Together they also like to work on a variety of service projects to benefit the community.

In her spare time, Beverly enjoys competing in beauty pageants from the local to the global level. Through pageantry, she has the ability to be a positive role model for women of all ages. She believes it is essential to empower women to be THEIR PERSONAL BEST.

Beverly also enjoys writing for magazines and the local newspaper, consulting for several corporate training teams, writing and illustrating children’s books, photographing nature and visiting new places. She is confident beauty can be found all around and it is often amazing to have the chance to capture these moments in time.

Ms. Reynolds wrote this book to inspire perspective adoptive and birthparents to have open dialogue, perhaps with boundaries clearly communicated, for the benefit and comfort of the children involved. She believes that adoption is a beautiful gift for all family members and friends involved. Any child in or surrounding the adoption journey must know that there are several people around that are…HERE AND THERE, LOVING YOU ALWAYS!

UPDATE: Beverly now has 3 books as of 5/24/2017 on! These books include the following titles, "100 Days of Scrum" and "Getting the Life of an Instructional Designer." In addition to this success, her YouTube channel has achieved over 10,000 views in a matter of months thanks to the support of people like YOU!

UPDATE: Today, 5/25/2017, we are just a few days away from cheering Beverly on next month when she competes for the titles of Ms. United America and Ms. United America Royal. Together with her son, they have completed over 600 hours of community service - primarily in her pageant platform of Adoption and Child Advocacy!
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