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A look at up-and-coming events or media

No events at this time, but here are ways you can connect on social media!


I do not have any book signings scheduled to date. A book signing is where an author goes into a location, such as a book store, and signs copies of their book for those that purchase a copy of a specific title.

If you know of any places that will allow me to do a local book signing, please reach out to me via one of the social media outlets below. I am always looking for ways to connect with local fans of my books.

Be sure to add a friend request, like my profile and connect with me on social media!

I am also available through Higgins Publishing ( as a scheduled, public speaker for YOUR events! Be sure to tell of your technical and time requirements when booking an event. Sometimes advance time frames are needed due to volume and commitments.

My specialty topics include project management, scrum framework, instructional design, adoption and child advocacy, beauty pageants and using social media to promote your books and your business.

The audience of this book is growing rapidly! My YouTube site has over 10K views - thanks to YOUR support! Be on the lookout for future videos too.

​There are at least 20 videos for you to watch on my channel. To date, people have viewed my videos in 127 countries. These videos range from education to illustration and trending and parenting.

If you like the videos, give them a THUMBS UP and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Do not be afraid to leave POSITIVE comments as well.

My professional LinkedIn profile is an All-Star profile. That is, it has over 500 connects and I add posts at least on a weekly basis.

Notice that the profile link is a custom link! LinkedIn is a great place to make professional connections – you can do it too if you have not already.

I actually have three Facebook sites that are all linked together. The link below is the original link. You will find connections to a countless number of groups too.